Curtis Consulting LLC

You just want to run your business, not manage an IT environment. Let us help you make that easy!

Small business owners often put IT support on the back burner when in reality it could make or break the livelihood of any business altogether. When a major catastrophe arises like a server-crash, ransomware or other data breach, it’s the worst time to realize that you needed a preventative plan in place. Even a very small business with a handful of employees and a single computer needs to think about security and data backup.

Unfortunately that’s when a lot of businesses realize the need for some kind of support. The fact is, IT support is not just an option if you want your business to run smoothly, it’s a necessity.

We will work with you to review your existing system and work on a plan to ensure that you have reasonable security and a plan for backing up your data in place. We will work to find equipment that fits within your budget, even as computer prices increase as we emerge from the supply shortages during the pandemic.